Welcome to Twisted Tales LRP

We are a small LRP group who over the last 20 years who have run events and provided props, logistics and support to help teams run their own events for a wide variety of systems.

We have also been running escape rooms in various settings.

The Twisted Tales LRP team is :

Nic Doran,  Dena Lewis and Steph Waldron.

If you would like to talk to us about helping running an event just drop us an email.

In addition for the last 4 years we have had our own small event live roleplaying system for players over 18, based on  dark and grim faery tales of evil fae, dark woods, dastardly monsters and brutal heroes. Twisted Tales was voted Best Small LARP and Best Overall LARP 2016 at the UK LARP Awards.

The Twisted Tales system is run with the help from Stuart Ellis, Sara Emmins, Luci Thompson, Grace Currah and Flick Hall.

We have been slowly adding more information about the Twisted Tales world background and setting. We also have some basic costume boards up on our facebook page as well as photographs from our events.  Please feel to join our facebook group or email us at enquiries@twisted-tales.org.uk with any questions.

We have a number of fantastic faery tales written by Nicky Lawrence which give an insight into the world we have created.