Dark, evil and mysterious.  There are tales of Faceless ones who will eat your soul; foul Changlings who are swapped for human children at birth; and Loreli who sing in streams to lure fishermen.

For every nightmare there is a Sidhe or is it every Sidhe is a nightmare?  Rumours abound that there are Faery Lords who lead them but no one has survived to find out who.

Some are kindly to humans and caring, only to feast on their flesh a day later.

What is obvious is that they are more powerful and dangerous than humans could have ever believed and they are taking back the land they claim is theirs.  Three Kingdoms remain.

Whispers echo of Fae other than just the Sidhe, Norns, Nix, Lorelli, Trolls, Satyr, Goblins,  Golden Ones, Harpies, Skin Changers.