Twisted Tales Event 3 : Headwinds

No ship greater than a fishing vessel has survived on the water for more than a few hours from it being launched.  Those who are hardy enough to take the extreme risks of strange fogs, luring sirens, and water dwelling monsters are some of the most revered citizens of Lugate.  The fish and some of the other water dwelling creatures provide many important ingredients for cuisine and components for  alchemy.  The hardy village of Forna, once a great port before the wars is the last bastion of supply of these delicacies and crucial ingredients. Recently though trade caravans from the isolated port have been few and far between with claims of a bad season with even rougher seas than normal and ferocious storms which many boats have not survived.

With rumours of horrific fish monsters walking the streets of the town even fewer caravans are willing to even attempt the journey and if it is not supplied his last port will fail.  Admiral Junta Derrin, the leader of this hardy community of fisherman has sent a request to the King of Lugate asking him to send the strongest knights and magus he can spare to quell these storms and debunk these rumours so that trade can continue and this last access to the sea will not be lost.

The Lugate King has spoken with the Brazene, Hutar and even the Norn and they have all agreed to  send the most experienced of their heroes to secure this isolated but critical bastion.

Headwinds was the third in our Twisted Tales story arc,  held at Alfrey near Coventry  on the 11th November – 13th November 2016.

The ticket price included food from Caggles Catering for the whole weekend.