Twisted Tales Event 2 : Consequences

Every action has a reaction.  Knowledge may be power, yet power creates fear in those who do not have it.   Where once there were 3 kingdoms now there are 4 and the old fear the new.  The results of the investigation of the way station has revealed that not all is what it seems in any of the supposedly safe kingdoms. Still not one of the Kingdoms shares a border and it is only through the dark and twisted roadways leading through the dangerous woods that they can even communicate.

Strange creatures have been seen in the woods and on the roads, children are going missing in every kingdom.  The Kingdoms have each sent brave or foolish adventurers to investigate to find what new horror is facing them.

Consequence was the next in our Twisted Tales story arc,  held at Huntley Wood in Cheadle on the 23rd October – 25th October 2015.