Twisted Tales Event 1 : Beginnings

Beginnings are a very delicate time. The world lies in balance. Only three kingdoms remain unconquered by the brutal, cruel and beautiful Sidhe. Not one of them shares a border and it is only through the dark and twisted roadways leading through the dangerous woods that they can even communicate.

Now a way station has fallen silent at the Cross Roads. The Kingdoms have each sent brave or foolish adventurers to investigate to find what fate has befallen the hardy residents of this outpost.

Beginnings was the first Twisted Tales event,  held at Huntley Wood in Cheadle on the 31st October – 2nd November 2014.

The ticket price included food for the whole weekend from Charming Elf. Due to the small size of the event we were unable to completely cover the costs of food for the crew while being able to run the event to the quality we would like so we asked monsters to pay a reduced fee to cover catering.  There was also limited indoor crash space for crew.