You can down load a copy of the rules here Twisted Tales Draft v0.7

Our system is written with the following guiding principles:


We wanted a rule book that you could pick up and go with in under 10 minutes.  Many LRP rules systems seem to try to deal with every situation by adding a rule for it, resulting in massively complicated rule books.  We are aiming to provide rules for the 3 main components that players need to know.

  • Fighting
  • Healing
  • Magic


We want our world to feel real – with that in mind we have removed the high visibility referees used in other systems and replaced them with our Guardians of the Wild Places.  These are mysterious figures here to watch the war between Sidhe and Humans, bound to take the part of neither.


Instead of multiple calls we have developed a heroic combat system and IC spell verbals.

In addition to this any unusual effects that impact upon a player will either be delivered by a sealed lammie that they open at an appropriate time and then roleplay the effects, or as a short briefing from an appropriate Guardian.